Why Do I Need An Employment Lawyer?

Employment Law
experienced nashville employment lawyer

Each state has specific guidelines for employers, and navigating these laws can be tricky. Most employees don’t know whether they have a case against their employer or former employer, and find themselves questioning: Do I need an employment lawyer? Why Do I need an employment lawyer? Have my employee......

Burberry pays $2.54 million in overtime settlement

FLSA , Minimum Wage , Overtime
experienced nashville employment lawyer

Luxury retailer Burberry has agreed to pay $2.54 million to its workers in settlement for its failure to pay employees overtime , aka “wage theft“. The class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of employees who say they were regularly required to perform work “off the clock” Employees claim......

The unpaid intern- am I owed overtime or minimum wage?

FLSA , Interns , Minimum Wage , Overtime
experienced nashville salary misclassification lawyer

Job prospects are tough for young people these days, especially in some of the “glamour” industries like professional sports and the music industry- as a result employers in these and other industries are using these unpaid interns for free labor. In fact, several actors, musicians, and other large employers......

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