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Our experienced Knoxville employment and commerce law attorneys will fight to protect your rights.

Knoxville Employment Attorneys

Employment law principals are largely based on social issues such as equality and fairness regardless of differences such as race or gender. Although the labor laws in place attempt to level the playing field for all workers, these laws are not always followed and enforced the way they were intended.

Working with a seasoned Knoxville employment lawyer could help you resolve legal issues you encounter at work. Our accomplished Knoxville employment attorneys at Employment and Commerce Law Group are knowledgeable about the intricacies and intersection of federal and state employment law and up to date on all the changes and developments in this practice area.

What Does Employment Law Cover?

Employment law essentially deals with issues that arise between employers and employees. Although employers and employees may be working toward the same overall goals, they often have different and competing priorities.

Employers are often motivated by the desire to increase profit margins and keep operating costs low while employees are more concerned with maintaining or increasing their pay. These inherent conflicts can create tension and lead to legal claims.

Employment disputes typically involve concerns with pay or treatment at work such as discrimination, harassment, overtime compensation, employee misclassification, wrongful termination, employee benefits, and workers’ compensation. Problems may also surface surrounding the safety of a work environment. Violations of employment laws, like any other laws, carry significant legal consequences.

Specific Laws Addressed

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), the Tennessee Human Rights Act (THRA), and the Tennessee employment-at-will doctrine are the major employment laws that will apply to Knoxville employees. Title VII and the THRA serve to protect employees on the basis of protected characteristics such as:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • National Origin

Although employers cannot fire or otherwise demote an employee for reasons pertaining to these protected classes, the Tennessee employment-at-will doctrine does permit employees to be terminated for any lawful reason.

Pursuant to the employment-at-will doctrine, employers or employees may end employment at any time for any lawful reason or no reason. The exceptions to the broad discretion this doctrine provides to employers include violation of an employment contract, violation of a law such as Title VII or the THRA, or violation of public policy. The freedom given to employers by this doctrine can make unlawful termination difficult to prove. For more information on these laws, speak with an employment lawyer in Knoxville.

Our Attorneys Could Help You Through Employment Disputes in Knoxville

Our employment lawyers are zealous advocates for workers. A Knoxville employment lawyer understands how important your livelihood is to your financial well-being and how devastating it can be when that is compromised.

To learn more about how our firm can help you, call our Knoxville office to schedule a meeting. We are happy to meet with you and help you understand your legal options.

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