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Local Veteran Hero Award Winner

Published April 3, 2019 by Employment and Commerce Law Group
Employment & Commerce Law Group Present Local Veteran E.J. Hirsch With Local Veteran Hero Award

The Employment and Commerce Law Group are proud to announce the winner of their Local Veteran Hero award: Sgt. Emil John Hirsch, III.

Sgt. Hirsch served his country spending time in both Afghanistan and Iraq. While in Iraq, Sgt Hirsch was wounded in an incident which almost took his leg and his life. His service and dedication to our country make him a local hero.

Sgt. Hirsch’s heroic actions are not limited to time he spent in Iraq; since his return he spends his time helping other veterans in Middle Tennessee through his work with Operation Stand Down. Through his work there, he helps other veterans find adequate housing and employment, obtain their V.A. benefits, create a social support network, and much more.

Sarah Pfenning, Sgt. Hirsch’s girlfriend, nominated him for the award. In describing Sgt. Hirsch, Ms. Pfenning said “Everyday E.J. tries to improve his outlook on life and help others through his work at operation stand down. I think he is the bravest man by intentionally putting himself into uncomfortable situations to help him grow and recover. I’m proud of EJ Hirsch. He is not only brave, but a very caring and giving soul. I’m glad the universe created him.”

Well said Ms. Pfenning. We could not agree with you more. Congratulation Sgt. Hirsch.

Veterans and active duty member face issues with employment every day. USERRA is a federal statute designed to protect soldiers and national guardsmen from discrimination. It also guarantees in most circumstances these veterans are entitled to the position at work they would have had if they had never left to serve their country temporarily. Further, wounded veterans may have employment rights under the ADA requiring their employers to make reasonable accommodations in the workplace for the veteran’s disability. We have represented veterans in a wide variety of cases and they are always welcome to contact us at no cost regarding any workplace situation that may arise.

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