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Workplace Defamation in Nashville, Tennessee

Workplace Defamation in Nashville, TN

Many workers experience instances of workplace defamation, which could include rumors, slander, and other false information that could be quite harmful to the employee’s mental state.

Sadly, many organizations don’t take the steps they should to identify and stop workplace defamation. Unfortunately, that means you and your career could end up paying the price for someone else’s failures.

At Employment and Commerce Law Group, we’ve seen the damage workplace defamation can cause. But we’re here to protect your reputation and your career. Our experienced Nashville workplace defamation lawyers are dedicated to helping workers stand up for their rights. We support workers when they need help most.

We offer a free no-obligation consultation with our attorneys to answer your questions. If you’re dealing with workplace defamation and you need help, get in touch with us today.

What Is Defamation of Character and Workplace Defamation?

Defamation of character is when one person damages the character or reputation of another by making a false statement about them.

Workplace defamation is defamation of character that occurs in the workplace. Your employer, coworkers, or others in the workplace makes the false statement. These statements may affect your job, your career, or your ability to obtain employment in the future.

Their portrayal as fact is a key part of workplace defamation. Statements that are opinions might not be defamation. For example, if your manager states that you’re unfriendly that would likely be an opinion. But if they falsely accuse you of stealing from the office, then that is presented as fact and could be defamation.

Tennessee Laws on Defamation of Character

Workplace Defamation NashvilleLaws on defamation of character and workplace defamation can vary significantly between states. In Tennessee, one of the most important cases on defamation is Sullivan v. Baptist Mem’l Hosp. That case lays out the core of a defamation claim. According to it, a defamation case must show:

  • A party published a statement
  • Knowing the statement was false and would defame the plaintiff
  • With reckless disregard for the truth of the statement or with negligence in failing to determine the statement’s truth

The material must also be, “published”. But what does that mean under Tennessee law? According to Sullivan, ““publication means it is communicated to another person. That means someone spoke or wrote the material and made it available to others. This could include statements to coworkers, social media posts about you, or emails and other documents that contain defamatory statements.

Can I Sue My Employer for Defamation?

Depending on the facts of your case, you may be able to sue your employer for defamation of character. But keep in mind that defamation cases can be challenging to prove. You should pull together any evidence you have about the statement and how it has impacted you. After that, it may be helpful to talk with a Nashville lawyer about the next steps in suing for defamation of character.

Proving a Defamation Case

You will need to prove the following legal elements to bring forward a lawsuit for defamation:

  • Publication. Someone at work made the statements to another person such as co-workers, managers, or potential employers. Spoken statements, as well as written statements like emails and social media posts, could qualify.
  • Falsity. The defendant made a false statement of fact. Keep in mind that truth is a defense to workplace defamation claims.
  • The statements were made with knowledge they were false, or that they were made with reckless disregard for truth or with negligence in determining the truth. For this part of a workplace defamation case, you’ll need to show that the defendant knew the statements in question were false or they should have taken care to determine their truth before publishing them.
  • Harm. The final element you’ll need to show is that you were harmed because of the published statements. This harm could include losing your job or failing to get new employment because of false statements by a prior employer. If you can show that your losses are directly related to statements made in the workplace, then your case may proceed.

How a Nashville Employment Lawyer Can Help

Employment law can be confusing and stressful, but some lawyers handle workplace lawsuits every day. The employment lawyers at the Employment and Commerce Law Group know Tennessee law and how to stand up for your rights in the workplace. Important ways that a Nashville employment lawyer could help with your case include:

  • Listening to you and your story. Workplace defamation can injure your career and your future. A lawyer can listen to your experience and help you gather important information for a potential lawsuit.
  • Providing deep experience in the law. Our Nashville employment lawyers handle defamation of character cases regularly. They understand what steps you’ll need to take to move forward.
  • Answering your questions about your rights. Many workers haven’t had to deal with the legal system before. A lawyer can explain your legal rights and options.
  • Guiding you towards decisions that work for you. A skilled employment lawyer can give you advice and information that can help you make the right decisions for your future.
  • Representing you with skill and integrity. Workplace defamation cases can be exhausting and stressful. A lawyer can serve as your voice and help take the stress of a case off your shoulders.
  • Preparing a workplace defamation lawsuit. Every defamation lawsuit must follow specific court procedures and Tennessee law. Nashville employment lawyers know the courts and how to properly prepare a lawsuit.
  • Advocating for you every step of the way. Your rights and your results matter. That’s why a lawyer can fight for your needs and stand up for your rights from the start of your case to the finish.

Talk to Our Workplace Defamation Attorneys Today

If you’ve been the victim of workplace defamation, contact the Employment and Commerce Law Group now. Our firm is ready to answer your questions and help you seek the justice you deserve. We’re proud to help workers defend their rights. Our satisfied clients will tell you that calling us was one of the best decisions they’ve made.

At Employment and Commerce Law Group, we understand what you’re going through and we’re here for you. Contact our Nashville office now for your free consultation and let us help you find your best path forward.

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