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Mississippi Workplace Retaliation Lawyer

Mississippi Workplace Retaliation Lawyer

Mississippi workplace retaliation lawyers advocate for employees who have experienced retaliation after initiating—or helping another worker initiate—a claim against their employer. If you have brought a good faith claim for discrimination, harassment, or other unlawful activity conducted by your employer, you are most likely protected from workplace retaliation.

Generally speaking, Mississippi has fewer state laws regarding employment discrimination and wrongful termination than other states. However, even without as many state protections, the federal body of law prohibiting retaliation is well-established. A skilled employment attorneys could help you navigate these laws in pursuit of a retaliation claim.

Mississippi At-Will Employees

Workers in Mississippi are at-will employees. Absent an employment contract or certain employee guidelines in place, employment can generally be terminated at any time, for any or no reason. Essentially, the term of the employment ends whenever the employee or employer decides.

Although Mississippi follows the doctrine of employment-at-will, there are laws in place that protect employees who report an employer’s illegal conduct from retaliation. These exceptions to the “at-will” doctrine apply when employment is terminated for an unlawful reason.

Unlawful Termination of Employment in Mississippi

Under Mississippi common law, an employee may not be terminated if the employer’s reason for doing so is contrary to public company policy. In addition, there are several federal statutes that shield employees from retaliation.

If an employee files a complaint against their employer for an alleged violation of the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA), such as minimum wage or hour violations, the employer may not lawfully terminate their employment in response. Similarly, there are various whistleblower statutes that are enforced to protect employees who report illegal conduct or safety violations of employers from workplace retaliation.

Preventing Retaliation for Anti-Discriminatory Actions

Employees who genuinely believe they have been denied a raise, promotion, or job opportunity due to reasons such as their age or race should be able to raise their concerns without fear of losing their job or receiving poor treatment at work.

Federal anti-discrimination statutes prohibit an employer from firing an employee based on protected characteristics such as age, race, gender, disability, and national origin. However, if you work for a small company with fewer than 20 employees, you may not be entitled to relief under certain statutes.

If you have filed a good faith claim against your employer for violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act or the Americans with Disabilities Act, your employer may not lawfully retaliate against you.

Mississippi Employer Retaliation Conduct

Common acts of employer retaliation include threats, termination of employment, harassment, demotion, and punishments.  If an employer has taken any of these or other hostile actions toward an employee in response to a lawful claim or report of illicit actions, they may have a valid retaliation case. Reviewing the specific details of the matter with a workplace retaliation lawyer can help determine what legal remedies are available. Recoverable damages from a workplace retaliation case will depend on the facts of each case.

If your employment was terminated or you received unfavorable treatment at work after filing a discrimination or harassment claim, a Mississippi workplace retaliation lawyer is available to assist you with a retaliation claim. Contact the Employment and Consumer Law Group today.

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