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Hermitage Tennessee Employment Attorney

Hermitage, Tennessee Employment Lawyer

Whether you have experienced unfair conditions at work, are the victim of discrimination or were recently laid off, it can be tricky to understand your legal rights when there is a problem at work.

The Employment and Commerce Law Group can help. Our experienced Hermitage employment lawyers understand all of the fine points of state labor laws. We know your rights, how to recognize when they’ve been violated and what it takes to correct the problem.

Some law firms represent both employers and employees. Not us. We’re committed solely to protecting the interests of Tennessee’s hardworking employees.

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What Does An Employment Attorney Do?

Employment attorneys are an important ally to have by your side if you’re experiencing a dispute with your boss. The most important thing that an employment attorney can do for you is to explain your rights and identify any violations.

Employment lawyers handle workplace issues involving:

  • Contracts
  • Wages
  • Benefits
  • Termination
  • Harassment

Types of Employment Lawsuits

The most common types of employment lawsuits involve:

  • Wrongful termination: Employees may be wrongfully terminated if they are fired in retaliation for making a legitimate complaint about the workplace or another worker.
  • Compensation: Wage disputes may result in employment lawsuits, such as if an employee is not reimbursed for accrued vacation time upon termination.
  • Harassment: Every employee has the right to a safe and harassment-free workplace.
  • Discrimination: Workplace discrimination is both a violation of state and federal laws, and employers can and should be held accountable if they have discriminated against an employee in violation of these rules.

When Should I Hire An Employment Lawyer?

An employment lawyer can be hired during any stage of the employment process. To some extent, deciding when an attorney is appropriate may depend on your job. For example, some employers require you to sign certain paperwork before starting, such as a non-disclosure or non-compete agreement. Having an attorney review these contracts can help avoid future legal complications.

Additionally, if you face harassment, a hazardous environment or discrimination during your employment, an employment attorney help you decide if filing a lawsuit is your best option. An employment law attorney is also useful if you’ve been laid off or fired for reasons that could be discriminatory or retaliatory.

Can I Be Fired Without Cause?

Tennessee is an “at will” state, which means employers can end employment at any time and without cause. However, laws provide some exceptions to this “at will” relationship. Find an employment lawyer who can help determine if your case falls within one of these special categories.

Are You A Victim of Workplace Discrimination?

Sometimes, it’s obvious that you’re a victim of workplace discrimination. But many times, the discrimination is so subtle that employees may question if it happened at all. If you believe that you have been discriminated against, our employment attorneys can investigate your claim and gather the evidence necessary to prove your case.

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At the Employment and Commerce Law Group, we have extensive experience helping people in Hermitage with a wide variety of employment matters. Our team of dedicated attorneys bring in-depth knowledge to each case we take on, and we’ll be your advocate no matter what type of employment issue you are facing.

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