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Kentucky Workplace Discrimination Attorneys

Kentucky Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

Both Kentucky and federal laws provide workers with the right to engage in and pursue employment without fear of discrimination based on certain immutable characteristics.

Such discrimination is illegal, and under the law, employees can hold employers accountable and receive compensation for damages caused by such discrimination and/or unfair accommodations.

If you have experienced discrimination in the workplace, an experienced workplace discrimination lawyer at Employment and Commerce Law Group can help protect your rights and fight on your behalf to obtain the justice you deserve.

What is Considered Discrimination?

Under a number of Federal laws — including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans with Disabilities Act – along with the Kentucky Civil Rights Act, employers are prohibited from discriminating against an employee or prospective employee due to his or her:

  • Race
  • Color
  • Religion
  • National origin
  • Sex
  • Pregnancy
  • Age
  • Disability

Discrimination can take many forms, and is not limited to severe scenarios such as termination or demotion. Decreases in pay, reassignment to another department or workspace, discrepancies in perks and benefits, discrepancies in dress code, and failure to make promotion or raises available may all be forms of discrimination prohibited by U.S. and Kentucky law.

As a general matter, the particular discriminatory action taken by an employer is far less important to establishing a claim than the fact that the action was based on an employee’s protected characteristics.

Enforcing Workplace Discrimination

Both the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights enforce workplace discrimination laws. In most instances, a complaint must be filed with one of these entities before a case against an employer is filed in court.

After an official complaint is filed, the case may be referred to mediation – in which the employee and employer seek to reach a settlement that may result in compensation, a change in practices and policies, or the granting of workplace accommodations that may limit discrimination (as is the case in disability cases.) In some cases, the complaint may be investigated by the agency directly.

Depending on the outcome of mediation or investigation, the agency may seek to hold the employer accountable by bringing action against them in court, or may authorize the complaining individual to bring their own action in court. In either instance, the complaining individual may be able to recover compensatory or punitive damages against an employer.

Work with a Kentucky Workplace Discrimination Attorney Today

Regardless of the route a case takes, it is important to have an experienced Kentucky employment lawyer by your side. Only a lawyer with the right knowledge and expertise can ensure an employee’s rights are protected through each stage of the process, and that the strongest case possible is brought against an offending employer.

Proving a discrimination claim can be difficult since most employers know better than to make their discriminatory motivations obvious.

To protect your rights and receive the compensation you are owed, work with an experienced workplace discrimination lawyer to help you through each stage of the process from investigating and documenting incidences of discrimination, to filing an official complaint, to going to trial if necessary.

Our workplace discrimination lawyers are here to fight for your right to work and ensure employers are held accountable for violating the law. We understand that challenging your employer can be a scary prospect, but you don’t have to do it alone. Contact us today for a consultation on your case.

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